Maramon Convention

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By A John
Jun 25, 2008 - 3:33:55 AM

Maramon and Kozhencherry, on the banks of the rive Pampa 16 kilometres east of Tiruvalla, have for centuries been recognised as centres of Christian culture and influence. Maramon is also famous as the birth place of Palakkunnathu Abraham Maplah, leader of the reformation in the Syrian Church of Malabar in the 19th century. This village which developed into a town has the added distinction of being the venue of a religious gathering known as Maramon Convention, said to be the largest Christian gathering in Asia.

It is during the month of February on the vast sand-bed of the river Pampa below the Kozhemcherry bridge that the Maramon Convention is held every year. About a week before the convention, the sanded becomes a scene of great activity. Christians from the parishes around Maramon are seen carrying Cadjan leaves and bamboo poles and other materials for erecting the convention pandal. The pandal has a seating capacity of about fifty thousand. All round the pandal there are temporary sheds and tents for various purposes furthering the objects of the Convention. Stalls for the sale of religious literature, church offices and restaurants are allowed to operate in the vicinity of the pandal under the strict control of the authorities. Long valloms (boats) with canopies, and stored with provisions for the use of families from distant places lie anchored in the river.

The Maramon Convention is pre-eminently an assembly of Christians who once a year come here for listening to the Word of God as read and expounded by leaders of Christian thought from all over India as well as abroad. Preaching and Bible study occupy the major part of the conference programme. Along with the religious reading and discourse, singing of hymns and praying for the sick and the needy are also held. It is grand sight to behold the sea of humanity offer prayers for the sick and the suffering for half and hour every day for a week. Prayer and worship at the convention accompanied by singing is a wonderful experience for every participant- an experience which purges and cleanses his soul and draws him closer to God and to his fellowmen.

The Maramon Convention displays co-operation and union between different sections of Church in Kerala. It fosters ecumenical outlook. It is also a source of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment for thousands.